Art Nouveau

The ornate patterns of original Art Nouveau tiles have been reworked into this stunning collection of designs.

Like rare, hand-made tiles, this collection radiates Art Nouveau opulence and an old-Europe charm. Its designs flaunt an intoxicating myriad of colourways and styles, creating enticing floral patterns as their stems and thistles fuse into decorative patterns.
Some of the designs are swathed in soft mustard, sage, olives and browns. There’s a gentle pearlescent glow to these designs and pops of lilac, violet and yellows bring them to life. For a jazzy feel, designs with rusty reds and burnt oranges add a dramatic touch and there’s a more modern variation flushed in rich purple. Other designs enjoy a pebbled stone texture, with waves of green emeralds and little ruby red stones like pomegranate seeds. There’s also an intriguing charcoal design, tinged with smoky purples and silvery turquoises like an elaborate wrought-iron façade.

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