This striking collection is inspired by Gaudi’s Spanish tile mosaics, bejewelled with rich colours, elaborate patterns and enticing echoes of Oriental Arabesque. 

“Barcelona” will set fire to your imagination in a dreamy reverie of exotic opulence.  Just as Gaudi was inspired by the wonders of Islamic architecture, these illustrations enjoy an infusion of Arabesque elements. Set in an oasis of rich jewel tones and iridescent hues, their ornamental patterns intertwine into knots and scrolls, emitting sugary bursts of flowers.

The softer designs are slightly more traditional, with their fine outlines and soft hues of pearly pinks, creams and olive greens. There’s a faded antique feel about them, like the decorative tiles of a grand ancient palace. For a bolder look, modern colour combinations of flamboyant purple and electric lime add drama while retaining the traditional pattern. This collection also features a more playful take on the design, with chunky patterns of bottle green and spicy orange that seem straight out of Gaudi’s Barcelona garden.

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