Art Nouveau


The ornate patterns of original Art Nouveau tiles have been reworked into this stunning collection of designs.

Like rare, hand-made tiles, this collection radiates Art Nouveau opulence and an old-Europe charm. Its designs flaunt an intoxicating myriad of colourways and styles, creating enticing floral patterns as their stems and thistles fuse into decorative patterns.
Some of the designs are swathed in soft mustard, sage, olives and browns. There’s a gentle pearlescent glow to these designs and pops of lilac, violet and yellows bring them to life. For a jazzy feel, designs with rusty reds and burnt oranges add a dramatic touch and there’s a more modern variation flushed in rich purple. Other designs enjoy a pebbled stone texture, with waves of green emeralds and little ruby red stones like pomegranate seeds. There’s also an intriguing charcoal design, tinged with smoky purples and silvery turquoises like an elaborate wrought-iron façade.



This striking collection is inspired by Gaudi’s Spanish tile mosaics, bejewelled with rich colours, elaborate patterns and enticing echoes of Oriental Arabesque. 

“Barcelona” will set fire to your imagination in a dreamy reverie of exotic opulence.  Just as Gaudi was inspired by the wonders of Islamic architecture, these illustrations enjoy an infusion of Arabesque elements. Set in an oasis of rich jewel tones and iridescent hues, their ornamental patterns intertwine into knots and scrolls, emitting sugary bursts of flowers.

The softer designs are slightly more traditional, with their fine outlines and soft hues of pearly pinks, creams and olive greens. There’s a faded antique feel about them, like the decorative tiles of a grand ancient palace. For a bolder look, modern colour combinations of flamboyant purple and electric lime add drama while retaining the traditional pattern. This collection also features a more playful take on the design, with chunky patterns of bottle green and spicy orange that seem straight out of Gaudi’s Barcelona garden.

Embroidered Flowers


With its exotic foliage of shimmering embroidered leaves, this richly textured collection has the feel of an enchanting, hand spun tapestry.

This is not a typical, quaint garden – there’s something enticingly exotic about these jagged, edgy flowers. Their leaves and petals sweep majestically across the design, flecked with embroidery-like stiches. Their fern-like branches are striking, almost like the delicate feathery plumes of an arrow.

The softer designs of this collection have a charming, faded feel, swathed in sage, lavender and ivory hues. This faded look is also set against more vibrant backdrops that contrast the pale petals as though they are doused in moonlight. For a bolder take on this exotic forest, the embroidery feel is dramatically enhanced. The intricately stitched details in the leaves and petals stand out vibrantly, shimmering with golden flecks against lush, mossy hues.

Victorian Floral


Inspired by antique Victorian wallpaper designs, this collection has an elegant, boutique style glamour.

This collection recalls the refined elegance of Victorian country houses, where lazy walks through flowery meadows inspire Romantic, poetic flairs. Like the iconic designs of William Morris, these floral designs are inspired by nature. But it’s nature at its most luxurious, with acanthus leaves, jasmines and pimpernels swathed in rich, regal colours.
Its floral patterns are repeated with such intricacy and elaboration that the repeat itself seems to be disguised. With its refined, traditional colour palette, the collection is made radiant with shimmering hues of soft grey and deep pewter. The darker petals seem almost as though made from velvet, like genuine antique wallpapers.

Enter the Dragon


In this Oriental collection, Chinese dragons fuse together in a powerful dance, releasing fiery clashes of colour, rich textures and swathes of elaborate design.

A symbol of power, strength and good luck, these iconic Chinese dragons leave a flare of fire and opulence in their wake. Traditional Eastern iconography is fused with daring, blazing colours. Its ornamental intricacy recalls the extravagant silk ropes and tapestries of ancient Emperors.
The dragons’ serpentine bodies are textured with intricate scales and painted in matted silver, as though antique ornaments. Their manes are set ablaze with lush turquoise tendrils and plum serpent tongues lash out from a lavish mouth of rich gold. The collection is doused in charming spiced colours of turmeric, cumin and paprika hues. A faded, more abstract set of designs cast the illustrations in luminous whites, sharp against backdrops of pinks, purples and aqua blues.

Fantasy Floral


A bold and feisty collection, this enchanting fantasy forest is dense with twisting metallic vines and large, butterfly flowers.

In these futuristic forests, steely veins coil and flourish like elegant, mechanic thistles. Their winding stems radiate with a soft metallic sheen, tinged with purples and teals. Vines are adorned with bright red and turquoise flowers, thick and bursting with exotic energy. Their petals are large like delicate butterfly wings billowing in the breeze.
Unwinding into whimsical patterns, the designs are set against vibrant backdrops of tangy, tropical oranges, sunset yellows and delicious lime greens. The grey leaves and petals stand out in dramatic contrast, almost as shadows, while pops of colour petals add a dramatic twist. The quieter designs of the collection are swathed in rich backdrops of midnight blues and purple twilights, adding a mysterious night time feel.

Deco Rose


This Art Deco collection is inspired by Tiffany glass designs and, swathed in a luminous glow, is a timeless statement of style and poise.
Like vintage floral gems, these designs are swept with a lush silk finish, setting the collection in an enchanting. This touch of luxury plays against the delicate freshness of the illustrations. Curvaceous vines create a charming tangled pattern, dripping with peachy silk roses on soft aqua and charcoal grey backdrops.
The darker colourways create a dramatic, polished elegance, its patterns iridescent as though uncoiling beneath a misty, moonlit sky. The lighter designs add a pure and fresh touch to this Art Deco collection. Their aqua blues and teal greens create a sea-like surface, with hints of teal and silver opulence. Raspberry rose petals drop against the water, rippling its surface into decorative patterns.

Stained Glass


A delicately elegant collection of blushing pinks and shimmering aqua, inspired by stained glass designs.
This beautiful collection is swathed in a gently shimmering colour palette of dusty rose, lilacs and creams. Infused with hues of stone grey and pale aqua, its misty shimmer creates a rippling oasis of calm. There’s a subtle touch of vintage Hollywood glamour, found not in the soft colour palette but in the elaborate patterns and sheen finish.
Lines of water coloured hues merge with salmon pinks, creating ornate, shell like illustrations. The intricate detailing is entrapped by swirling oval patterns that grow across the design, while diamonds flash in hotter shades of pink and luminous pale blues. Geometric patterns and shapes float to the rippling surface, shimmering in the moonlight.



This collection has a traditional exotic feel, inspired by the patchwork quilts of batik fabric designs.
Mirroring the ancient fabric dying technique, these batik designs are awash in an inky gloss shimmer. Their decorative designs of full of enticing surfaces as a timeless treasure is made trendy with kaleidoscopic and ornamental effects
The collection comes in two colourways. Shimmering in pink mica, this exotic batik style is dramatically graceful with swirls of fuchsia and turquoise flowers. A golden yellow colour palette injects a truly exotic feel, where dark purple flowers dance like passion fruit seeds. Layers of different patterns blend together throughout the designs, made up of carefully placed flower types, some bold and thick, others delicate and sparse.

Tropical Lily


A sumptuous, exuberant collection bursting with exotic flavour, frolicking parrots and graceful hummingbirds.
Hot and sassy, this free-spirited collection of designs creates an exotic mood with a slight retro punch. From its lush jungles, wild explosions of texture and colour are sprinkled with pale pink lilies that shine softly. Parrots in electric plum purple and melon coloured hummingbirds play amongst the exotic foliage.
This tropical collection comes in an assortment of delicious colourways. A tangy orange set of designs fuses swathes of sweet cantaloupe with spicy paprika. Dark peach rests upon retro chocolate brown leaves amongst bursts of tangerine palms. In a sultrier colour palette, amethyst jewel purple, orchid and red wine interlace with mossy pine greens. The design also comes in beautifully muted monochrome look of faded blues and purples.