These geometric circle designs will add some fun and spice to your life, with their retro swirling orbs and explosions of jazzy colours.

This eccentric collection is a guaranteed show stopper. Striking, dynamic circles ignite the designs in waves. Like majestic orbs, they flash with intoxicating rainbow fusions, each of the collection’s colourways offering an entirely different look and feel.

The most vibrant design is set ablaze in a spectral of fiery oranges and reds. There’s a retro circus feel that whispers tales to our inner child of places where anything can happen. A design of woody, rustic hues offers a richly textured treat, its pattern like pencil shavings of soft coloured crayons. Designs with softer tones of enticing pinks and charming blues radiate a fresh and flirty Art Deco vibe.

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