Deco Rose

This Art Deco collection is inspired by Tiffany glass designs and, swathed in a luminous glow, is a timeless statement of style and poise.
Like vintage floral gems, these designs are swept with a lush silk finish, setting the collection in an enchanting. This touch of luxury plays against the delicate freshness of the illustrations. Curvaceous vines create a charming tangled pattern, dripping with peachy silk roses on soft aqua and charcoal grey backdrops.
The darker colourways create a dramatic, polished elegance, its patterns iridescent as though uncoiling beneath a misty, moonlit sky. The lighter designs add a pure and fresh touch to this Art Deco collection. Their aqua blues and teal greens create a sea-like surface, with hints of teal and silver opulence. Raspberry rose petals drop against the water, rippling its surface into decorative patterns.

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