Diamonds and Pearls

A dazzling collection of designs bejewelled with diamonds, pearls and an exquisite ornamental shimmer.
Glimmering in pearlescent hues, these designs are like gems from an antique treasure chest. Their dusty rose and peach silks are adorned with Swarovski crystals and oyster pearls. Their patterns are intricate, romantic and timelessly elegant like delicate vintage lace. Floral and diamond arrangements emerge from its delicate draping, creating soft geometric patterns. Some are so ornate they appear almost like an elaborate head dress or tiara of pearls.
The softer designs of this collection are swathed in fine silky colours of sugary pinks, duck egg blues and peachy creams. Bolder colour ways create a more dramatic elegance, as silver filigrees drape across charcoal grey backdrops, dusted in a pearly shimmer.

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