Enter the Dragon

In this Oriental collection, Chinese dragons fuse together in a powerful dance, releasing fiery clashes of colour, rich textures and swathes of elaborate design.

A symbol of power, strength and good luck, these iconic Chinese dragons leave a flare of fire and opulence in their wake. Traditional Eastern iconography is fused with daring, blazing colours. Its ornamental intricacy recalls the extravagant silk ropes and tapestries of ancient Emperors.
The dragons’ serpentine bodies are textured with intricate scales and painted in matted silver, as though antique ornaments. Their manes are set ablaze with lush turquoise tendrils and plum serpent tongues lash out from a lavish mouth of rich gold. The collection is doused in charming spiced colours of turmeric, cumin and paprika hues. A faded, more abstract set of designs cast the illustrations in luminous whites, sharp against backdrops of pinks, purples and aqua blues.

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