Fantasy Floral

A bold and feisty collection, this enchanting fantasy forest is dense with twisting metallic vines and large, butterfly flowers.

In these futuristic forests, steely veins coil and flourish like elegant, mechanic thistles. Their winding stems radiate with a soft metallic sheen, tinged with purples and teals. Vines are adorned with bright red and turquoise flowers, thick and bursting with exotic energy. Their petals are large like delicate butterfly wings billowing in the breeze.
Unwinding into whimsical patterns, the designs are set against vibrant backdrops of tangy, tropical oranges, sunset yellows and delicious lime greens. The grey leaves and petals stand out in dramatic contrast, almost as shadows, while pops of colour petals add a dramatic twist. The quieter designs of the collection are swathed in rich backdrops of midnight blues and purple twilights, adding a mysterious night time feel.

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