Metallic Ornaments

This daring collection of elegant floral designs is doused in glossy metallic shimmers like antique vintage ornaments.
Smoky charcoal greys tinge with silver sage and purple colours, polishing the collection with a wonderful metallic effect. Floral patterns weave and lace themselves through the designs, pretty in pink, champagne pearl and dove grey hues. Their leaves and petals are mottled with paler shades to give a shimmering, radiant touch.
Large, heavy sunflowers stretch out across the designs amongst an elaborate jungle of creeping vines. Tick and pleated like rope, they interweave through the design to create a crafty, flowing pattern. Softer petals of lilies and roses grow from thinner tendrils and swathes of fronds, adding fine intricacy to this assortment of precious ornamental treasure.

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