Nocturnal animals contest on Front Row Society

Nocturnal animals contest on Front Row Society
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Front Row Society is an exciting new fashion platform giving designers from all backgrounds the opportunity to showcase their work as well as a unique fashion brand which produces and markets beautiful products with prints created by designers from all over the world.
Kociara has already had 2 scarves produced by FRS and there are several more products to come for AW14 and SS 15 collections.
The latest contest is for scarves and asked designers to explore the nocturnal world. We were asked to think of the transparent wings of houseflies and dragonflies, the near-metallic colours of scales on beetles and butterflies, the beautifully shimmering feathers of hummingbirds. The brief asked us to picture the black panthers and other night predators, perfectly camouflaged and patiently stalking their prey in the dark; a whole other world coming to life while we are sleeping. The keywords were: raven feathers, oil slick, morpho butterfly, dark iridescence, metallic hues, ultraviolet and animals skins and furs.
The images in this blog are my entries for this particular contest.
I usually try to explore a few ideas and for this contest I submitted a few different pieces working with the colour palette required. I tried to capture the slightly eery and yet magical atmosphere of the nigh time, the glistening lights and textures of feathers, scales, skin and fur.
Here are the links to the contest page
Wild Thing
Into the Night
Fantasy dance
Ocean Magic
Hidden close
Butterfly repose

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