Pop Arty Lips

An electric rainbow of kissable candy lips, this collection adds a sweet and tangy kick to 70s glam rock with a pop art effect.
This daring, bold collection follows its own glam trend with its seductive paint box of lipstick colours. It’s like an iconic Warhol print only infused with just the perfect touch of rock star wildness. These know-all smiles scream confidence and poise – without ever having to open their lips. Backdrops of pinstripes, paint splashes and zebra print brush strokes are eccentric and edgy, adding a touch of glam punkette.
The cherry red lips flaunt high fashion glamour while sapphire blue lips add a fun sense of sass and tang. Other designs create an eccentric rainbow of lips, with a myriad of unusual lipstick colours from lime greens to lemony yellow that pout at you flirtatiously.

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