Tropical Lily

A sumptuous, exuberant collection bursting with exotic flavour, frolicking parrots and graceful hummingbirds.
Hot and sassy, this free-spirited collection of designs creates an exotic mood with a slight retro punch. From its lush jungles, wild explosions of texture and colour are sprinkled with pale pink lilies that shine softly. Parrots in electric plum purple and melon coloured hummingbirds play amongst the exotic foliage.
This tropical collection comes in an assortment of delicious colourways. A tangy orange set of designs fuses swathes of sweet cantaloupe with spicy paprika. Dark peach rests upon retro chocolate brown leaves amongst bursts of tangerine palms. In a sultrier colour palette, amethyst jewel purple, orchid and red wine interlace with mossy pine greens. The design also comes in beautifully muted monochrome look of faded blues and purples.

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